This. This Is Cricket.

This is what cricket is all about.

🎥 BBC Test Match Special.

The most incredible email was read out earlier this week live on BBC Test Match Special.

Written by the son (Patrick) of an avid cricket lover, John Taylor, who sadly passed away during the Second Test of England vs India, but spent his remaining hours listening to live TMS coverage.

It's a beautifully email *written* by Patrick and was perfectly delivered live on air by Jonathan Agnew to the BBC TMS listeners, which reduced some to tears.

Jonathan Agnew later stated on Twitter that he actually read the email out without looking through it before. So it's testament to his professionalism the way he delivered the email 'blind' to the radio audience.

A sensational moment that reminds us of why radio is one of the purist forms of sports media and that cricket is much, much more than just a sport.