Umpire's Take Initiative.

The game continues to evolve.

With bats continually growing in size and professional players fine tuning themselves into big hitting athletes, umpires are starting to take measures in One Day Internationals and T20 formats. It's not all too rare to see the custodians of the game execute a split-second maneuvre to avoid being hit by the small cork x leather ball, with a couple of recent cases of the officials being struck. With the tragedy of Australian batsman Phil Hughes still far too fresh in the memory, it could be a wise decision for umpires to take the initiative so they're not left to think 'what if'. Smart move.

New Balance sign Joe Root.

After 11 years of service with Gunn & Moore, former World Number 1 batsman, Joe Root, switches his allegiance to newcomers of the crease - New Balance.

📷 Pro:Direct Cricket

📷 Pro:Direct Cricket

Whilst some sports see athletes switch sponsorships as often as hair styles, cricket rarely sees such a high-profile signing as players traditionally opt for tried & trusted instead of new & unknown.

However, the 24 year old Yorkshireman is currently one of crickets most exciting players, established in all forms of the game and holds a huge fan base thanks to his like-able character, so it's a smart move from the American footwear brand trying to make it in the bat & ball business. Watch this space.

To Mankad or Not.

There's a fine line between the 'Spirit of Cricket' and 'Winning at All Costs'. It's been tested in the past with Chappell's underarm ball, Broad's refusal to walk after gloving to slip and, more recently, the U19 West Indies' mankad dismissal in the final over of their World Cup game vs Zimbabwe.

📷 Sky Sports

📷 Sky Sports

When sport is being played at the elite level, and in this case at a young age, you're going to get athletes who are desperate to win. Desperate to make an impression. These aren't saints & angels. They're (young) professional athletes experiencing emotions throughout the game, with the world watching their every move. Trying to find that edge over their opponents. To 'Win at All Costs'.

The 'Spirit of Cricket' is not something you sign up for. You can't expect it from every cricketer, otherwise you'll be continuously disappointed. Applaud when it's demonstrated. Don't be surprised when it's exploited. There will be players who push the boundaries. Umpires and disciplinary committees are in place to judge when a line is crossed. After all, would you rather win the FairPlay award or the Championship?

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